New Institute Connects Global Public Investors

It’s funny what a little economic crisis can do. By now, we all know that volatility has become a part of daily life in the new global economy. As a result, many institutional investors and their consultants have “muddled through” over the last four years, in a kind of dreamy world where reality often has intruded in a swift and harsh manner.
Now one of the leading players in the institutional world is, once again, attempting to connect public institutions to help them make more informed real estate investment decisions. Call it the global band of brothers.
In a bid to streamline the global conversation, sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), which now control some $5 trillion in assets under management worldwide, are establishing a new Institute Council of Investors (ICI). The plan, hatched by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, hopes to bring together executives from a variety of institutional investors, including SWFs, public pension funds, central banks, government investment authorities and other governmental entities. Initial members include some of the most senior names in the public investor industry.
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