Feature: Core to Shore, Next Big Thing?

Most everyone in Oklahoma City knows about the “next big thing” in terms of commercial development, the so-called “Core to Shore” initiative. But for those who don’t, how many cities can you name that have some 750 acres of developable land stretching south from the edge of downtown to a wide flowing river?
Here’s a quick snapshot of what is planned, in a phased fashion over the next 20 years:
  • 500,000 sq. ft. of retail
  • 2.1 million sq. ft. of office
  • 3,000 residential units
  • 200-400 rooms of boutique hotels
  • Convention center hotel (up to 1,000 rooms)
  • 1 million sq. ft. convention center
  • Festival park (up to 34 acres)
  • Parking (up to 4,500 spaces)
June 2007 conceptual planThat is what’s known as one big urban renewal project. And if history is any indicator, this city has the will and the way to make it happen.

To see more on what is planned, check out the city’s Core to Shore website.

>>Ben Johnson l 6.19.09